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By using Tarot cards, I tap into methods of accessing information from a higher wisdom or Universal Truth. I give intuitive, honest and caring tarot card readings by e-mail.   Tarot has been used to foresee the future and reveal mystical messages. My intuitive style of tarot interpretations encourage self-knowledge, creativity and help to enlighten you with information beneficial to future goals. I use Runes, astrology, meditation and spiritual guidance to assist me in my readings.

For centuries, Tarot has been used to foresee the future. The tarot cards reveal mystical and symbolic messages through their pictures that open the subconscious by drawing from ancient archetypes found deep within the intuitive side of our mind. They show a picture of a personality and illustrate the soul's journey along four parallel paths toward spiritual enlightenment.

Enlightenment, happiness, understanding, guidance, answers, ethical, genuine,
clear readings.

Intuition is a clear and direct knowingness that comes without explanation as to how or why. Since early childhood I have had inspirational solutions to problems and a seemingly inexplicable attraction or aversion to newly met people due to my intuition. All individuals possess intuition, though some are more highly developed intuitively than others.

I experience realistic precognitive dreams with ESP messages concerning both events happening at the moment as well as impressions about the future.

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